How To Combine Your Passions Into A Business When You’re A Multipotentialite

Are you somebody who has multiple interests and passions (otherwise known as a ‘multipotentialite’)?

How would you feel if you could combine all of your passions into a real lifestyle business you can manage from anywhere in the world?

Location independent and a business you love (a double whammy of awesomeness)!

In this podcast, Emilie Wapnick, author of Renaissance Business, breaks down how exactly to bring your passions together into a real business.

How To Combine Your Passions Into A Business When You’re A Multipotentialite

If you have ever considered creating a job that you will love while traveling the world, give this show a listen by hitting play on the bar underneath the photo at the top of this post.

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Give it a listen now, and you’ll learn:

  • What a ‘multipotentialite’ is and why many travelers are multipods
  • The first steps you should take to figure out your passions and a business model that can support them
  • What an overarching theme can do for you and your business
  • How to not get stuck in the idea phase
  • What Emilie did to start her Renaissance Business
  • Why Richard Branson may be the greatest multipotentialite of all time
  • Emilie’s thoughts on following your ‘true calling’
  • What to do when you are having a hard time committing to a project or business
  • Productivity tips for location independents and digital nomads
  • How and why to connect with others who are further along than you
  • When to outsource
  • The #1 mistake Emilie made with her business and how you can avoid it
  • And so much more!

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