My Life As An Illegal Immigrant With Maria Amelie

Have you seen Maria Amelie and read her award-winning books on immigration?

Most people pass through countries by choice, to learn, to explore, to travel. Others aren’t so lucky. There are entire populations of people who are forced from their homes, for a variety of reasons, mostly because it’s no longer safe for them to be there.

Today, I met up with Maria Amelie in Oslo, Norway. You’ll hear her incredible story about how her illegal stay in Norway became a public event, which reached the highest levels of government (and eventually led to the creation of a new law).

Maria Amelie and Jason Moore taking a selfie

You’ll also hear about:

  • The future of global migration (and the important role that entrepreneurship can play)
  • Advice on how to flip any negative associations you may have with travel
  • How one small act of kindness can make an enormous impact

Tune In To Learn:

  • The truth about seeking Asylum
  • How writing can be your best friend
  • Why migration is good for the economy (and job creation)
  • How you can still get deported from Norway as the Norwegian Of The Year
  • Ways to reclaim your power after being a refugee
  • How to have success as an entreprenuer (and find your identity)
  • And so much more


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