Listener Questions 7: Traveling With Debt, Knowing When To Quit Your Job, And Job Hopping For Travel

What is the travel question that you have been burning to ask? Is something holding you back from the travel life you desire (besides COVID)?

I haven’t done a listener questions episode in some time ( slightly over a year) but I am remedying that in today’s episode. I will be attacking some big questions that a lot of you ask me pretty regularly like should you travel while still in debt, how to know when quitting your job is right for you, plus should you job hop so that you can fit your travels into your life? All of these and more today so sit back, relax, and enjoy this episode.

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Tune In To Learn:

  • 05:30 Should I Travel While Still In Debt & Knocking Out Debt While Traveling
  • 15:45 Location Independent Lifestyle With A Family: Is It Possible Responsibly?
  • 18:35 Should You Job Hop For The Chance To Travel?
  • 27:15 How Do You Know If Quitting Your Job Is Right For You?
  • And so much more


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