Travel the World for Free With International House Sitting

If you would love to travel the world and travel the world for free, then this episode on international house sitting is for you!

Nat and Jodi from have traveled all over the world and lived for free in places like Peru, Ecuador, Costa Rica, France, and America.

In this podcast, they share the insider secrets you need to launch or level up your house sitting career.

You’ll learn insanely useful stuff that only comes from experience.

Hit the play bar now and discover:

  • How anybody can get into house sitting regardless of experience or age
  • Why setting a strong intention is so important
  • One idea that can get you started right away, and why this is more important than the how’s
  • Why you may have already been a house sitter and how that can help you land your first house-sitting gig
  • When house sitting is like getting a job
  • The key platform you need to know to travel and house sit
  • Best practices for writing your profile on house sitting websites that will land you the best spots
  • How to create an email subject header that will help you grab your dream house sit
  • Nad and Jodi’s recommended perfect amount of time to commit to a house sit
  • The single most important part of choosing a house sitting job
  • Why house sitting makes you a local
  • And so much more…

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