2,000 KM on Foot From Oslo to the North Cape (With a 4-Year-Old, Husband, and Dog) + Making Big Life Changes With Ingrid Alm

Do you ever feel called to do something different? Do you want to make a BIG change in your life? 

Ingrid Alm and her family (husband, son, and dog) embarked on a human-powered adventure right from their doorstep in Oslo, Norway, to Nordkapp, Europe’s northernmost accessible point by car. Their 2,000+ KM journey included walking, skiing, cycling, rowing, and even paddle boarding!

In this episode, Ingrid shares the lessons they learned on this epic trip and how a need to shake things up from “normal” life led to their adventure. You’ll hear plenty of advice on how to kickstart your own journey of a lifetime, insight into making big changes, and much more.

What trip or decision have you been considering? What’s been holding you back? I’d love to hear your thoughts, and I hope you’ll share them by sending me an audio message.


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Tune In To Learn:

  • Her college experience in the USA (and why Norwegians are so square)
  • Insights into overcoming limiting cultural constructs and going all in on creative pursuits
  • The lessons she’s taken away from working with special needs kids
  • How they prepared for their human-powered adventure
  • Family dynamics and things to consider when traveling with children in more extreme ways
  • What she took away from the experience and how it changed their family going forward
  • The pros and cons of some of the different modes of transport they used
  • How the trip allowed her to connect with her home country
  • The surprising acts of kindness and interactions they had with others
  • Her advice for anyone considering making a change
  • And so much more


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