Why I’m Taking A Digital Sabbatical

The above photo is what it looks like two weeks into preparing for a digital sabbatical.

My brain is fried.

It’s been nearly 2 weeks of non-stop screen time, all just to get into a position to leave it behind for a few weeks.

How did this happen?

When did it become so intense?

I used to work among the living, moving my body…lifting things and talking to people in person.

Now, in the vacuum of digital nomadism, it’s just me and the screen.

When I get a chance to speak with a friend, record a podcast with my buddy Trav, or chat with another human being I am overly enthusiastic.

Hopped up on coffee and loneliness I burst to life.

I LOVE people. Chatting with them, learning, growing, helping.

Overall, I absolutely LOVE what I am doing.

You, the amazing people I am privileged to interview, my close friends and family all inspire me in so many ways.

I wouldn’t trade this life for a briefcase filled with gold.

This sabbatical is about having authentic, non-digital travel experiences again.

It’s time to kick it old school, leave the computer behind and go out into the world. Detach from the feeling that something needs to be done all of the time.

Yes, there will still be a smattering of digital stuff. A smartphone, camera, video and audio recording for the Zero To Travel caravan. After all, I need to bring the experience back to you my friend!

But overall it’s mostly going to be walking in the mountains of Nepal, taking in the scenery and spending time with my wife and the people we encounter.

It seems counterintuitive, but I have some intuition telling me that this will create the type of space within to take everything I am working on to the next level.

Walking brings me peace, which spills forth ideas like a waterfall after a glacial melt.

The recent tragedy in Nepal has us sad, nervous and a bit scared.

It’s time to get out and appreciate being in the world, with all of it’s beauty and sadness.

Time to leave the screen, and get moving again.

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