Language Hacking and Location Independence with Idahosa Ness

What is one of your biggest cultural mishaps as a traveler?

What is the essence of the best lifestyle businesses out there?

Today you’ll to get some incredible advice from Idahosa Ness. He speaks five languages fluently and is the creator of The Mimic Method; a unique language learning approach that focuses on “Learning By Ear” so you can learn languages faster, understand more and speak with a better accent. He also wants to help people make human connections across the language barrier.

Tune in to hear all about this unique language learning method as we talk travel, location independence, cultural mishaps, the essence of lifestyle businesses, and so much more!

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You’ll Learn:

  • Why anyone at any age can learn a language
  • What can open up a whole new world of experiences and perspectives
  • The moment when conversations finally stop sucking
  • How to increase motivation and accelerate results (when learning a language)
  • Some powerful side benefits of learning a language
  • Why you need to focus on progression and not perfection
  • The 3 stages of The Mimic Method
  • What is really necessary to learn a foreign language
  • One awesome tip to force you to interact with people
  • Why most understanding is a misunderstanding
  • The best way to create and sell a course
  • One of the best multicultural places to visit in the summer (hidden gem!)


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