How to Travel with Less Money, Start Working on the Road, and Never Settle Down w/ Nora Dunn

This is a very special episode of the Zero To Travel Podcast because I got to sit down with Nora Dunn from The Professional Hobo in person, to talk about full-time travel.

Nora has been traveling full-time for eight years and she’s just written a book called Live and Work from Anywhere.

In this episode, we talk about settling down, saving for travel, how much money you need to travel long-term, and how to work from the road.

Listen to the podcast to learn:

  • Why Nora hates the phrase “to settle down”
  • Why the location independent lifestyle is here to stay
  • The importance of being flexible
  • What the future of location independence holds
  • How to go from zero to digital nomad
  • How to balance work and life on the road
  • Why Nora burned out and how she was forced to reexamine her life
  • The importance of entertaining possibilities
  • The one exercise you have to do tonight
  • Nora’s best travel practices
  • The questions to answer to find out how much money you need to save for travel
  • The first step to taking control of your finances
  • How much money to have in your emergency fund
  • How Nora managed to spend only $173 on accommodation in 2011
  • How to manage your taxes on the road
  • The health insurance you need to travel long-term
  • What Nora is most grateful for

Resources Mentioned

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