How To Start A Drop Shipping Business & Live Anywhere w/ Anton Kraly

In today’s episode, I speak with Anton Kraly – the creator of Drop Ship Lifestyle, an online course, and a community that connects and helps eCommerce entrepreneurs.

Anton explains how to start a dropshipping business so that you can earn money while you travel without having to manage stock, fulfill orders, or even handle customer service.

Anton has also very kindly hooked the Zero To Travel Podcast listeners up with a hefty discount on Drop Ship Lifestyle. So, if you’re interested in this business model, go to to get $100 off.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • What you should do if you want to make money on the road
  • The strangest thing that has happened to Anton in the last two weeks
  • How Anton ended up living in Vietnam
  • Whether or not it’s possible to start a business like Anton’s on the road
  • How online business has changed over the past few years
  • What drop shipping is
  • How NOT to dropship
  • How to approach suppliers and what not to say to them
  • What profit margins to look for
  • Why this business model is perfect for digital nomads
  • How much it costs to get started with drop shipping
  • How to decide on a niche, which products to sell, and who to sell to
  • How to identify trends
  • Why competition is a good thing
  • Why you don’t have to compete with Amazon
  • How important personality and branding are on eCommerce sites
  • How to conduct market research
  • Which kinds of keywords to target and which ones to avoid to get the best conversion rates
  • How to get approved by a supplier
  • How to get your eCommerce site up and running within two weeks
  • What Google PLAs and Amazon Product Listing Ads are and how to use them
  • Which third-party tools to use
  • Business-to-business versus business-to-consumer: which is best
  • How to outsource in an eCommerce business
  • How to sell a website and how much they can go for
  • Anton’s travel plans

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Don’t forget, you can get $100 off Drop Ship Lifestyle by going to and starting your own dropship lifestyle!

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