How To Have An Adventure On Any Budget: Epic Bike Rides With Alastair Humphreys

National Geographic Traveler of the Year, speaker, author and adventurer Alastair Humphreys believes that adventures come in all sizes.

After a 4 year, 45,000 mile bike journey in which he only spent £7000 Alastair now inspires others to have adventures of their own both big and small.

Alastair’s Journey

As a pioneer in the concept of microadventures, Alastair believes that people can have proper, life-changing adventures close to home with little money.

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In this travel podcast episode, you’ll hear how you can plan any adventure big and small.

You’ll also learn:

    • What books inspired Alastair to become an adventurer
    • The trap you can fall into when you compare your adventures others
    • How to define what success means to you
    • How to plan adventures at any age
    • How to go on a life-changing adventure for only $1000
    • How to manage your mind to complete any adventure big or small
    • What a microadventure is and how you can use this concept as a springboard to bigger travel
    • How to overcome your limiting beliefs
    • And much more!

My favorite quote from this interview:

‘The whole planet is waiting on your front door step.’

Alastair’s Website

£1000 challenge

cover photo and map photo courtesy of Alastair Humphreys

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