How To Cut Down Your Travel Expenses & Make a Difference Along The Way

Do you want to travel but think it’s too expensive? Would you like to travel with a purpose? Do you dream of making a difference in the world?

If so, today’s episode is for you, my friend!

In today’s episode of the Zero To Travel Podcast, I sit down with John Marshall, the author of Wide-Open World: How Volunteering Around The Globe Changed One Family’s Lives Forever.

He shares how his family’s trip around the world changed not only other people’s lives but also their own.

In this episode of the podcast, you’ll learn:

  • How to cut down your travel expenses by volunteering
  • The three words that inspired John to take his family traveling
  • Where John’s family went and what they did in each country
  • Why John’s family chose to spend at least thirty days in each place
  • The super-simple method John used to find volunteering opportunities
  • The life-changing impacts the trip had on John’s kids
  • What the electronic rabbit hole is and what happened to it on the trip
  • Why travel experience beats classroom experience every time
  • How to fall in love with the world
  • How travel can change your life

Resources Mentioned

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