How To Become a Roadie and See the World

Want to learn how to become a roadie, get paid to travel and see the world?

Would you like to get behind the scenes and hear what it’s like working on a music tour?

This podcast is your all-access backstage pass!

Ryan from This Tour Life has toured for 15+ years with acts like Jack White, Beck and Arcade Fire just to name a few.

In this interview, he shares exactly how to become a roadie and break into music touring using simple backdoor strategies that require little to no experience.

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Don’t miss this episode, it’s full of juicy tour advice and backstage stories you can only get from somebody on the inside.

You’ll discover:

  • How Ryan started in a low-level position that eventually leads to a tour with Beck and how you can use the same strategy.
  • How to become a roadie by working with production companies or local venues
  • What Ryan did when Mick Jagger bumped into him (you’ll have to wait for the end to hear this!)
  • Why taking a break from touring does no affect your ability to build a career
  • What roadie jobs pay
  • The single most important key to being successful on tour and always having work
  • What it is like to be the guitar tech for Jack White
  • Why you should target smaller bands
  • What makes the music business so unforgiving
  • Learn key industry terminology to help you speak the lingo
  • And so much more!

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Pictures of Ryan on Tour

Ryan On Tour

Ryan On Tour

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