How To Become A Car Camping Superstar

Today’s episode of the Zero To Travel Podcast comes to you from Moab, Utah. My wife and I are currently car camping and today we wanted to share with you our top twenty tips for becoming a car camping superstar!

How To Become A Car Camping Superstar Jason Moore

How To Become A Car Camping Superstar Jason Moore Car Camping

So, whether you’ve done a lot of camping or you’ve never been before, listen to today’s episode to find out exactly what you need to have a great time when you next hit the road!

You’ll learn:

  • The ultimate hack for starting a campfire
  • What’s better than Google
  • A European’s take on American road tripping
  • What Jason has learned on this trip
  • The best things about camping
  • 20 top things you should take when you go car camping

Resources Mentioned

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