Hike the Appalachian Trail With Zero Experience

Want to learn how to hike the Appalachian Trail (AT) with no camping, hiking or wilderness experience?

Jeff Chow mapped the entire Appalachian Trail for Backpacker magazine. Before he hiked 2000+ miles he had virtually no wilderness camping experience.

If you are ready to feel the freedom of the trail and learn how a long distance hike on the AT can change your life you’ll want to hit play on the bar (below the top picture) and give this exciting episode a listen.


Jeff’s story will empower any aspiring distance or thru hiker to conquer their fears and live out their dreams of hiking the AT no matter how little time you’ve spent sleeping under the stars.

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In this engaging podcast you’ll learn:

  • How a simple contest scored Jeff a dream job, hiking the AT and getting paid to map it
  • Why starting any club or group is an incredible way to start living your dreams, and why limited experience shouldn’t stop you
  • The strategy for hiking the AT safely
  • How the simplicity of life on the trail can change you
  • Why the Appalachian Trail is safer and easier than other distance trails
  • What the community is like on a long distance hike
  • The social side of the trail and what it is like to travel on foot in rural America
  • A first hand account of trail life
  • And so much more…

Resources from this show include:

Jeff Chow online

Backpacker Magazine’s Appalachian Trail Resource Area

Whiteblaze.net – A comprehensive resource for the AT

*All Photos Courtesy of Jeff Chow

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