Random Travel Jobs, Digital Nomading and Slow Travel with Hannah Dixon

What can Hannah Dixon teach you about living the digital nomad lifestyle?

Hannah has been a digital nomad for 5 years and is the founder of Digital Nomad Kit- a one-stop-shop to help you start building your own successful virtual assistant and freelance business; which of course can help you travel the world (like Hannah)!

Today you are going to hear all about:

  • Slow travel
  • Ways to extend your travels indefinitely
  • How styles of travel can change over time
  • Getting started as a location independent virtual assistant
  • The quickest way to go LI (location independent)
  • Random travel jobs
  • And a whole bunch more

Tune in now to hear about the reality of the nomad lifestyle.

You’ll Learn:

  • Ways to create normal experiences on the road
  • What can open up your eyes to a new way to live
  • One easy way you can maintain friendships while living as a digital nomad
  • How to recognize opportunities for innovation
  • Tip to creating a community around a location independent business
  • What to charge as a virtual assistant


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