Grateful Gypsies + The Power Of Awareness

Have you heard of the Grateful Gypsies?

They are two fellow live music and travel lovers and they have been traveling around the world since 2010.

Please welcome Rachel and Sasha to the show!

You can find their work at Grateful Gypsies– where they’ll help you improvise your life!

Today you’ll hear all about:

  • Gap years
  • Living in China and Bali
  • Working on the road
  • Traveling in SE Asia

They’ll take you on another unique path towards long term travel.  Tune in to get some ideas, tips, and strategies…

You’ll Learn:

  • A serious option living in another country (and earning an income)
  • The #1 benefit of a gap year
  • The diversity of Indonesia
  • How to balance traveling and documenting traveling
  • Ways to expand your horizons and open your eyes
  • And so much more


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*Featured image courtesy of Grateful Gypsies

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