How To Overcome Travel Anxiety and Fear Of Flying

In today’s show, we will be talking about the fear of flying but in fact, it is so much more than just that. You will learn how to run your brain instead of letting your brain run you in these high-stress moments, how to conquer phobias, and why self-medicating might not be the best idea.

If you are not afraid of flying, no worries because this episode is jammed packed with so much more information that is applicable to everyone and you will use it time and time again.

Tune In To Learn:

  • 03:05 Jason Is Coming Clean
  • 06:40 Introductions
  • 09:00 Studying Phobias
  • 19:30 Fear Of Flying & Its Effects
  • 28:00 Panic Attacks
  • 30:30 Self Medicated Downside
  • 32:15 Turbulence Reality
  • 36:00 Tips & Tricks To Help Fear
  • 41:15 Understanding Your Brain
  • 42:20 Working From Passion
  • 44:20 Best Advice For Entrepreneurs
  • And so much more!


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