Experimental Travel and A New Country Every 4 months

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How would you feel if you had no idea what country you’d be living in next month?

Welcome to Colin Wright’s exile life.

In 2009 Colin ditched his possessions and hit the road, letting his blog readers vote on which country he would live in.

Since then he has been all over the world, spending 4 months at a time in various countries including New Zealand, Czech Republic, India, Iceland, Thailand, and points in between.

What is it like to make travel an experimental project?

Listen now and you’ll learn:

  • What it’s like to live in a new country every 4 months
  • When treating travel as a project might be a good idea
  • How to build a framework for your travels that match your personality
  • Why Colin thinks you’re the ‘dumbest person in the room when you travel’
  • How being imperfect can make your work better
  • What Colin did to keep his travels fresh
  • Why labels are “imperfect but useful”
  • Colin’s tips for traveling the states and how to shape a life filled with travel
  • And so much more!

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