The Ultimate Guide To Budget Travel In Japan : Destination Discovery Series

Does your love of travel make you crazy sometimes?

Maybe it’s just me, but I’ll obsess over all of the places I want to go, knowing full well that I can’t possibly do it all in one lifetime.

Like any addict, I need a fix. Something I can use to relax on my armchair journeys.

If you can relate (and I know you can, you travel junkie you) then ‘listen up!’.

I’m excited to announce a new program on the Zero To Travel podcast, our Destination Discovery Series!

This exciting new series will take you off the beaten path, giving you an entertaining and informative overview of some of the most stunning and exciting travel destinations on earth.

Plus you’ll learn how to travel in each featured spot on a budget, like a local.

Your destination guide will be an expert on the region. We’ll take you to paradise, sharing the hidden gems and secrets that can only be learned through on the ground experience.

Now, you can skip all of that hard work and can plan (or just dream) about your next trip with ease.

I am kicking off this series with the unique island nation of Japan.

In this show, Andres Zuleta from Boutique Japan brings us the best of this country.

Along the way, he teaches us some tricks on budget travel in Japan.

Some of the amazing things you’ll learn includes:

  • Where you can get amazing meals anywhere in Japan (hint: It’s the last place you would ever think to find a fantastic meal)
  • Why Japan is such a great place to visit during all seasons
  • Various accommodation options to help you stay on budget
  • Top sushi spots in major areas around Japan
  • Which cities and towns many people skip that you absolutely MUST visit
  • The best rural and urban activities
  • When to climb Mount Fuji
  • Cultural faux pays and how to avoid them
  • The proper way to pass money and general tipping rules
  • And so much more!

This show is packed with value and might have you booking a flight and traveling to Japan within the hour!

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