Dave Sperling Talks ESL Cafe, Travel and Teaching English Abroad

Dave Sperling is nothing short of a legend. He started Dave’s ESL Cafe to empower students to learn English and teachers to find work around the world in 1995 and it’s still going stronger than ever.

Listen to this engaging interview with Dave now:

In this podcast, Dave shares his personal story and provides crazy actionable advice on travel and teaching English Abroad in the present day.

Safe to say, Dave is the foremost expert on Teaching English Abroad so give this a listen and soak up his decades of knowledge in under an hour.

He’s also one heckuva nice guy and I know you’ll enjoy his travel stories.

You’ll learn:

  • Learn how Dave got started and what his website has done to empower travelers
  • Why Dave ended up calling his site a ‘cafe’
  • What it was like traveling in the middle east in the 1970s
  • Why teaching English abroad was a dream job
  • How the ESL Cafe was built in the early days
  • The important transition between teaching and entrepreneurship
  • Hear the important questions you need to ask yourself when deciding if you should teach English abroad
  • Which qualifications and certifications to get and where to teach
  • The pros and cons of getting your certification abroad
  • Dave’s take on online certification courses
  • Teaching hot spots worldwide
  • And so much more

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