Culture Shock: The Good, Bad and Ugly

How can you harness the power of culture shock (and reverse culture shock) to use it to your advantage?

Do you get a little angsty when you return to your home country after an extended period of time?

Today you are in for a special episode recorded in person with my buddy Trav, co-founder of a community we run- Location Indie.

Have you thought about living in another country?  And have you thought about how you’ll feel when you return home?

Tune in now to find out how you can take advantage of this unique situation.

You’ll Learn:

  • How to make ex-pat life a little easier
  • One thing that can lead to reverse culture shock
  • How to re-integrate yourself back into your home country
  • Ways to generate a new awareness
  • Possible struggles you can have when returning home
  • How your whole perspective can change
  • How to open up interactions with anyone
  • And so much more


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