Creating Adventures and Pushing Limits

Rob Greenfield has a unique way of traveling.

Instead of following the rules, he makes his own.

Rob’s adventures and the ‘rules’ surrounding them align with his core values because he creates them. You may want to do the same after listening to this podcast.

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I think you’ll agree that Rob’s journeys are anything but ordinary.

In this inspiring episode you’ll learn:

  • How creating ‘rules’ around your adventures can turn travel into an art
  • The strategies Rob will use to make his way home with no money from Panama to San Diego, CA
  • Secrets to traveling with absolutely zero money or possessions
  • The techniques Rob used to bike across America and create less trash than an average American does in one day
  • What handstands are worth in Mexico
  • How the sharing economy can get you anything you need on the road
  • What other forms of currency besides money can do for you
  • Why Rob’s hardest moments made him a better person and what hardship can teach you
  • And much more…

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