Everything Is An Adventure And Big Questions With Cal Fussman

How can travel play into the things you do later in life?

Get ready to be inspired as Cal Fussman stops by to share how travel can have a huge impact on your life!

Cal is an award-winning journalist, a NY Times Bestselling author, AND a legendary interviewer.

As a writer at large for Esquire Magazine’s “What I’ve Learned” column, he has shared life lessons from his conversations with notable actors, athletes, musicians, tv personalities, world leaders, and any other category of human you can possibly think of…

On his podcast, Big Questions with Cal Fussman, he uncovers the heart, head, and soul of his guests in thoughtful, deep, and entertaining conversations.

Today you’ll hear about his decade as a nomad traveling the world (and how that impacted his work and life), how to make authentic connections with others, and so much more.

Tune In To Learn:

  • How to go from dinner table to dinner table around the world
  • Ways you can find places tourists don’t go
  • How to appear like a local everywhere you go
  • One thing that can make you more aware (and open up an energy channel)
  • Advice around asking questions to take you to a different place
  • How to keep waking up with fresh eyes
  • The greatest gift that travel can give you
  • How you can look through the lens of opportunity
  • The true measure of success


Featured image courtesy of @calfussman

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