Australia Through Indigenous Eyes

Welcome to Australia mate!

Thanks to some help from Tourism Australia I was able to land two incredible interviews with locals who grew up on opposite sides of this vast country.

On this audio journey, you get to explore parts of this vast continent through the eyes of two indigenous Australians who kindly share their rich history and ancestral stories allowing you to take in perspectives most typical tourists don’t.

First, you’ll hear from Aunty Marg, founder-owner and managing director of Dreamtime Southern X,  which runs tours offering fascinating insights into Sydney’s Aboriginal Dreamtime beginnings.

She shares her wisdom and advice on travel in the New South Wales Region of Australia as well as some of the historical and cultural significance of indigenous people.

Then we’ll catch up with Bart Pigram, a Yawuru man from the West Kimberley region of northwest Australia who started his company Narlijia Tours to help tell the ‘entire’ story sharing his Aboriginal and multicultural perspective first hand.

In addition to exploring New South Wales as well as Pilbara and Kimberley Region, you’ll discover lesser-known travel gems you can visit on your next trip.

Listen to discover:

  • Experiences that will allow you to experience unique aboriginal culture
  • The relationship that the world’s oldest continuous, living culture has with the land
  • Expert planning tips for your trip to Australia
  • Hidden travel gems in New South Wales and the Pilbara and Kimberley Region
  • Life lessons and travel skills learned from Aboriginal populations
  • Traditional local “Must try” foods for travelers
  • And much more!

Enjoy the show!

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Trip Planning Resources Mentioned In This Show

Photo courtesy of Tourism Australia

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