Hot and Cold Edition: Cheap Flights In Asia + Budget Ski and Snowboard Travel

Does fear help you travel more?

In today’s Zero To Travel Podcast, you’ll hear how to get cheap flights in Asia and how to get the best ski and snowboard travel deals. It’s a hot and cold edition!

You’ll get the HOT from Louisa with– a place where she and her husband share advice and stories for nomads. They’ve lived around the world since 2007 in 8 different countries- exploring, writing, and photographing.

And you’ll get the COLD from my buddy Tim Wenger- winter sports aficionado, Location Indie member, and has spent most of his entire adult life trying to get on the mountain or as close to it as possible.

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Listen now to Learn:

  • How to get out of your own ‘escape room’
  • How to get cheap flights in Asia
  • Who the Asean pass is for (and not for)
  • Helpful resources to check different flight routes
  • How to get the most out of the Asean pass
  • How to limit out of pocket expenses at ski resorts
  • The best way to travel with your ski/snowboard gear
  • Where to get discounted ski/snowboard gear (and the best time of year)
  • #1 rule when buying lift tickets
  • Best places to stay for your ski trip
  • Benefits of living in a ski town for an entire season (do it!)


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