Crowdsourcing Your Travels With Anita Wing Lee

What is the #1 thing you can do to make extending your travels much, much easier?

Today you get the pleasure of hearing from Anita Wing Lee. She sold her stuff and packed her life into one piece of luggage with the intention to travel light and serve humanity. She is making a huge difference in the world. And she can help you find your highest calling in life!

Her most recent project is raising money and awareness for refugees in Greece- check out Project: SoulFam.

She’s leveraged technology to travel and give back and she’s grown quite the community on Periscope. It has changed her business and travel possibilities tremendously. Be sure to check out some of her guided meditations there.

Listen Now to Learn:

  • How to extend your travels further and longer (hint: it’s not always money)
  • The main benefits of connections
  • How to decide which path to take
  • The best way to earn your ‘Warrior Chops’
  • How to be a contributing human being to the world
  • How to manifest travel and connectivity (it’s Quantum physics!)
  • How your purpose will find you (instead of you finding it)
  • How to spread positivity and serve others
  • What completely obliterates what you thought was possible
  • One tool that helps clean all the craziness out of your head
  • And much more!


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