An Organic Long Term Travel Life

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Do you think YOU can live a long term travel life?

In today’s episode of the Zero To Travel Podcast, you’ll hear how a long term travel life is possible from Caz Makepeace.  She and her husband Craig have been traveling on and off for over 16 years. They have lived in 5 countries and adventured in 52!

They are helping to change people’s lives via their blog ytravel.

And they are enhancing the lives of their two young daughters through travel- how cool is that?

Plus I talk about road trips and give you my thoughts on a devilish festival.

Listen in to Learn:

  • The best advice to open doors to travel possibilities
  • How to save money and actually get on the road
  • How to get ‘unstuck’ and make your travel dreams a reality
  • How to budget for your bucket list
  • Why travel doesn’t have to stop after having kids
  • The best ways to raise the next nomads
  • The most rewarding way to travel with kids
  • Where to stay when traveling with the family
  • How to connect to life through travel


Ytravel Blog
Tortuga Backpacks
YHA Australia
Location Indie

Don’t forget to check out Tortuga Backpacks and listen to this podcast to get that code for 10% off!

And to get more Zero To Travel podcasts, go to the archives!

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