The Call Of Adventure with Brendan Leonard

What do you do when you first get home after a long trip?

Plus, is travel really just an excuse to run away from your problems?

Brendan Leonard stops by to give his insights on these questions plus adventure travel for all levels, sobriety while traveling, and so much more!

Brendan shares humor, essays, and stories of adventure on his website Semi-Rad and he is the author of several books including his new memoir about how he turned his life around and found redemption through climbing and world travel- Sixty Meters to Anywhere.

Listen Now To Learn:

  • The Big Bang Theory of Extreme Joy
  • How to re-invent yourself
  • How climbing can give you an identity
  • How to confront your true feelings (to figure out who you really are)
  • A great way of looking at the world
  • Advice to handle pressures of drinking
  • How years and years of hard work will pay off
  • How to go from semi-rad to totally rad
  • How to travel the western US on the cheap
  • And much more!


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Photo credit: Semi-Rad

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