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A lot of how we see the world as we pass through it dependent upon on how we process things internally. Our conscious choices also play a huge role in our perceptions. Here we share a potpourri of topics like how unplugging and technology can affect our travels, the intersection of travel and spirituality, concrete advice on how to reach your travel goals, post-travel life, and some humor mixed in (think travel poop stories as an example).  Yup, we just went there.

Jason Moore
Jason Moore

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Unplugged America

Unplugged America

Please welcome back my friend, Caz Makepeace from one of the most popular family travel websites around, ytravel. Caz and her family are currently on a road trip called “America Unplugged,” and it is all about discovering the REAL America. They just started their journey in March and are headed to all 50 states in 3 years- Awesome!

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