How to Afford Your Travel Dreams – with Paula Pant : Zero To Travel Podcast

In today’s episode of the Zero To Travel Podcast, I speak to Paula Pant from Afford Anything, to get her top tips on money and travel.

Paula is an expert on this stuff because several years ago, she quit her job, sold her stuff, and backpacked around the world for almost three years. She now helps people afford whatever they want, saying you can’t afford everything but you can afford anything.

Whether you’re trying to save for the trip of your lifetime, or you’re in debt and don’t know whether or not you should pay off what you owe before you take off, Paula’s tips will be able to help you out.

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Otherwise, let’s get to the show, so that you can learn how to afford your travel dreams!

You’ll learn:

  • What made Jason’s recent flights one of the worst he’s ever taken
  • The three steps to saving money for travel
  • What’s going on in Nepal right now, following the country’s recent earthquake, and how you can help
  • How Paula saved enough money for her first trip
  • How to save when you’re not earning a lot or you have a lot of expenses
  • How big your emergency fund should be
  • What Paula learned from selling and donating her belongings
  • Whether or not you should travel when you’re in debt
  • How travel changed Paula’s life
  • Why you should focus on creation rather than consumption
  • Paula’s favorite word
  • Paula’s advice for wannabe travelers

Resources Mentioned

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