Top 7 Up-And-Coming Destinations to Visit (Before They Get Crowded) With Gunnar Garfors

Need some inspiration for your upcoming travels? Today, I’m sitting down with Gunnar Garfors, the first person to travel to every country in the world not once… but TWICE! As the ultimate travel expert, he’s with us to share his list of the best places to visit before they get too popular.

You’ll hear about seven out-of-the-ordinary destinations spanning all seven continents to help you plan for the coming year and beyond. Whether it’s beach life, mountain hikes, big cities, or relaxing getaways, there’s something on the list for everyone. We’ll also talk about his upcoming project, share plenty of stories, and he’ll let us in on a fun travel concept you’ll want to steal and use with your friends!

Where are you headed first? I’d love to hear your thoughts and hope you’ll share them by sending me an audio message.


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Tune In To Learn:

  • The ROI of travel and why you should explore out-of-the-box destinations
  • What makes this overlooked part of this Caribbean island worth the visit 
  • How to have an authentic South American river adventure
  • An African country ideal for extreme sports and coastal wildlife
  • The vastly underestimated European country that has something for everyone
  • A fun way to plan trips with your friends (You’ll want to steal this!) 
  • An affordable, diverse, and mountainous country along the Old Silk Road
  • An underestimated Asian country rich in culture, innovation, and amazing food (It’s his favorite big city in the world!)
  • A small but incredible Pacific island kingdom for an alternative to Fiji
  • His bonus destination for an affordable Maldives experience
  • Gunnar’s new book and his thoughts on climate change
  • And so much more


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