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The Zero To Travel Podcast Archives are packed with inspiring travel stories and actionable advice from a variety of unique guests who have done some amazing things.

The aim of the show is to help you discover new ways to explore the world endlessly, on you terms, no matter what your situation or experience. From travel work, to a starting location independent business, social entrepreneurship, volunteering and more.

I hope you enjoy these shows as much as I have enjoyed making them for you:)

The Zero To Travel Podcast Vault : Travel For Your Ears

Episode 300: Pop Up Travel Questions With Jackie From Jump Travel Podcast

Episode 299: 5 Ways To Grow Your Location Independent Business With Natalie Sisson

Episode 298: Top 10 Places We’re Dying To Visit That We’ve Never Been

Episode 297: 7 Lessons From The Tiny House Movement That Will Help You Travel The World

Episode 296: Where Passion Meets Travel with Tim Wendelboe

Episode 295: An Online Country? One Startup’s Vision For The Remote Work Movement

Episode 294: How To Campervan In New Zealand

Episode 293: Campervan Therapy

Episode 292: Making Travel Dreams Happen On The Fly

Episode 291: Travel For Healing with Jeff Chow

Episode 290: 7 Toddler Travel Tips

Episode 289: Everything Is An Adventure And Big Questions With Cal Fussman

Episode 288: 7 Powerful Life Lessons For Travelers + Thinking Big With 7in7 Co-Founder Kyrie Melnyck

Episode 287: The Future of Remote Work with Steve Munroe

Episode 286: Top 10 Places We’re Dying To Go Back To (And Why)

Episode 285: Holistic Nomadding

Episode 284: How To Start A Travel Vlog Worth Watching

Episode 283: Travel Safety Tips: Staying Safe On The Road

Episode 282: Listener Questions 5

Episode 281: The Au Pair Experience + Do You Need The Perfect Travel Job?

Episode 280: How To Find Seasonal Jobs In Great Places with CoolWorks.com

Episode 279: How To Have Fun, Make Money and Travel The World With Seasonal Jobs

Episode 278: How Anyone Can Write A Book + Post-Career Nomad Life with Azul Terronez

Episode 277: Long Term Travel Lifestyle with Jackie from The Budget Minded Traveler

Episode 276: Remote Work Reality and How To Manage Distributed Teams

Episode 275: Unplugged America

Episode 274: The Location Free Lifestyle With Melody from Black Digital Nomad

Episode 273: Identity and Perception with Elena from Muslim Travel Girl

Episode 272: Transition To Travel: From 9-5 To Biking The USA with Joe Ferrara

Episode 271: Budget Travel Bonanza with Matt Derrick

Episode 270: Culture Shock: The Good, Bad and Ugly

Episode 269: Top 11 Ways To Rock Your Music Festival Experience

Episode 268: Shred America

Episode 267: 2018 Guide To Cheap Flights + How To Travel When You Work Full Time

Episode 266: Transition To Travel: Before and After With Sofia and Teague

Episode 265: 20 Lessons From 20 Years of Travel: Part Two

Episode 264: 20 Lessons From 20 Years of Travel: Part One

Episode 263: Luck Is No Accident: Making The Most Of Happenstance with Dr. John Krumboltz

Episode 262: Norway To Cape Town On A Tandem Bike + How Sweet It Is

Episode 261: How To Find Your Power Places Using Astrolocality

Episode 260: Atlas Of Beer: The Crossroads Of Beer and Travel

Episode 259: Top 24 World’s Cheapest Destinations 2018: Part Two

Episode 258: Top 24 World’s Cheapest Destinations 2018: Part One

Episode 257: Location Independent Tips From A Full Time Freelancer + Making Less and Traveling More

Episode 256: Creating A Life Of Travel In A Single Day with Michelle Dale

Episode 255: 3 Steps To More Travel In 2018 + Why To Do Work You Love

Episode 254: 4th Annual Norwegian Christmas Spectacular

Episode 253: How To Use Airbnb to Fund Your Travels with Zeona McIntyre

Episode 252: How To Be a Polyglot

Episode 251: Travel Wisdom From 100 Countries With Ladan Jiracek

Episode 250: The Reality Of Full Time Travel Blogging with Tommo and Megsy

Episode 249: Sweet Ass Strategies for Achieving Anything Fast with Heath Armstrong

Episode 248: Optimizing For Freedom with Nat Eliason

Episode 247: How To Take Cheap Alaska Cruises

Episode 246: Hidden Paths and Sacred Rides with Mike Brcic

Episode 245: The World’s Longest Honeymoon with Mike and Anne from Honeytrek

Episode 244: Getting Free Through Travel with Mike Clarity

Episode 243: Travel Passion Mashin’

Episode 242: Top 20 Most Beautiful Places We’ve Been In The World: Part One

Episode 241: How To See The Northern Lights In Norway

Episode 240: DNX Global and The Current State Of Digital Nomadism

Episode 239: Settling With The Nomad Spirit + The Beauty in Ugly

Episode 238: The Meaning of Life With Biciclown

Episode 237: When Reality Shifts

Episode 236: Making Sense of Cents: Personal Finance and Travel + Is This The Best time EVER to Travel?

Episode 235: Grateful Gypsies + The Power Of Awareness

Episode 234: Hitting The Reset Button On Life Through Travel

Episode 233: Refugee Stories: 12 Countries In 10 Years

Episode 232: Following Your Heart To The Road With Ka Sundance

Episode 231: Only $50 And A Dream: Biking Across The USA Solo With Zero Experience with Jasmine Reese

Episode 230: A Travel Box of Chocolates

Episode 229: Making Another Country Your Home Base – Estonian E-Residency

Episode 228: Ex-Patting In Latin America With Lily Ann Fouts

Episode 227: How To Make Tough Decisions *itunes, no post

Episode 226: Price of Travel with Roger Wade

Episode 225: Location Independence Uncut – The Spouse Speaks

Episode 224: An Unconventional Life On The Road

Episode 223: Transition Back To Travel: Jean’s Story

Episode 222: Zero To Location Independent Challenge (Day 5)

Episode 221: Zero To Location Independent Challenge (Day 4)

Episode 220: Zero To Location Independent Challenge (Day 3)

Episode 219: Zero To Location Independent Challenge (Day 2)

Episode 218: Zero To Location Independent Challenge (Day 1)

Episode 217: Language Hacking and Location Independence with Idahosa Ness

Episode 216: How To Be Everything

Episode 215: Cruise Ship Jobs 101: Travel Jobs Series

Episode 214: How To Work For An Airline And Fly For Free: Travel Jobs Series

Episode 213: The Secret World Of Flight Attendants: An Interview With Betty In The Sky

Episode 212: Up and Coming Destinations: Tibet With Robert Kelly

Episode 211: Music Festivals 101: Travel, Culture and Music With Festy Go Nuts

Episode 210: Travel Role Models and The Minority Nomad

Episode 209: Top 10 Travel Wish List + How To Crush Your Bucket List

Episode 208: Dating and Travel + Bringing Location Independent Business Ideas To Life

Episode 207: Behind The Scenes With Adventure Travel Journalist Jayme Moye

Episode 206: What It Takes To Go Location Independent

Episode 205: Resettling Abroad and Overseas Education

Episode 204: Travel Health: Everything You Need To Know Before You Go

Episode 203: The Nordic Theory Of Everything With Anu Partanen

Episode 202: Debt To Travel + The RV Lifestyle

Episode 201: Travel Jobs Series: How To Become A Whitewater Rafting Guide + The Game of Life

Episode 200: Experimental Travel and Music

Episode 199: Terrifying Travel Toilet Tales

Episode 198: Resolutions, Remote Work, and the Reality of Language Learning

Episode 197: How To Plan Your Best Damn Year Ever: The Rosebud Method *itunes, no post

Episode 196: 3rd Annual Norwegian Christmas Spectacular

Episode 195: 14 Ninja Packing Moves

Episode 194: How To Retire Early and Travel the World

Episode 193: 5 Ways To Spice Up Your Next Trip + An Authentic Food Quest

Episode 192: 31 Travel Gift Ideas (For All Budgets)

Episode 191: How To Get A Second Passport + Taxes and Banking For Nomads: An Interview With Andrew Henderson “The Nomad Capitalist”

Episode 190: Trekking Nepal Series: Audio Guidary Sneak Peek

Episode 189: Transition To Travel: Paula and Perry’s Story

Episode 188: How To Get The Lowest Airfare + The Definitive Guide To Airline Carry On Baggage Rules

Episode 187: Up and Coming Destinations: Myanmar with Dustin Main

Episode 186: Alternative Education and Travel With Blake Boles

Episode 185: Up and Coming Destinations: The Republic of Georgia

Episode 184: A Solo Travel Lovefest

Episode 183: The Magic Of Relocating With Matt Giovanisci

Episode 182: Extending Your Travels + The Location Indie Scene

Episode 181: Transition To Travel: Melinda’s Story

Episode 180: The Best Job on The Planet With The Beaver

Episode 179: Solo Road Tripping

Episode 178: The World Walk with Tom Turcich

Episode 177: 32 Reasons Why Road Trips Rule: Part Two

Episode 176: 32 Reasons Why Road Trips Rule: Part One

Episode 175: Listener Questions Part 4

Episode 174: Should I Go Location Independent?

Episode 173: The Great Debate: Slow vs Fast Travel

Episode 172: The Call Of Adventure with Brendan Leonard

Episode 171: Travel Insurance 101 (An Audio Guide)

Episode 170: Is This The New American Dream?

Episode 169: Scandinavia On The Cheap, Nomad Life and The Power of Travel

Episode 168: The Dirtiest Word In Travel *itunes, no post

Episode 167: How To YouTube Your Way To More Travel + 3 Steps To Getting Anything You Want

Episode 166: 17 Reasons Location Independence Rocks!

Episode 165: Should I “Follow My Passion”?

Episode 164: Crowdsourcing Your Travels With Anita Wing Lee

Episode 163: Round The World Travel + GAP Year For All! With Sean Keener

Episode 162: Couplepreneur Conundrums with Nick and Gen

Episode 161: The Spiritual Journey + Travel and Creativity with Karan Bajaj

Episode 160: The Slow Travel Philosophy + Traveling As A Black Woman with Oneika Raymond

Episode 159: Top 32 USA Cities For Travelers

Episode 158: Travel Photography 101 with Travis Longmore

Episode 157: Inspiring Female Adventurers Series: Around America And Beyond with Renata Chlumska

Episode 156: How the World Sees America

Episode 155: How To Travel Overland Through Central America + Travelosophy 4

Episode 154: Hot and Cold Edition: Cheap Flights In Asia + Budget Ski and Snowboard Travel

Episode 153: Biking Through Europe and Post-Travel “Reality”

Episode 152: Travel Tactics 6: How To Travel Indefinitely

Episode 151: The Hostel Experience : An Interview With HK Austin Owner Brent Underwood

Episode 150: Travel Mix 3: Digital Nomadness and Bringing Travel Home

Episode 149: 3 years Alone On Foot : An Interview With Sarah Marquis

Episode 148: Listener Questions Part Three

Episode 147: Documenting Your Travels: Good or Bad?

Episode 146: Travel Grab Bag: A Roundtable Discussion

Episode 145: Travel In The Middle East with Genevieve Hathaway

Episode 144: Finding Your Island Paradise: An Interview With Alex Sheshunoff

Episode 143: Everest Excellence: An Interview With Ellen Miller – Inspiring Female Adventurers Series

Episode 142: Travelosophy: The George Costanza Approach To Reaching Your Travel Goals

Episode 141: 2nd Annual Norwegian Christmas Spectacular

Episode 140: Travel Weirdness

Episode 139: Travel Meltdowns

Episode 138: The Only Woman To Walk Around The World: Inspiring Female Adventurers Series with Polly Letofsky

Episode 137: Travelosophy: Gratitude

Episode 136: Karun: Misadventures On Iran’s Longest River with Tom Allen

Episode 135: Travel Mix: The L Edition with Suitcase Entrepreneur Natalie Sisson

Episode 134: Travel Tactics Part 5: How to Travel Indefinitely

Episode 133: Lifestyle Design and Beating Your Own Path with Marc Freccero

Episode 132: Tales From A Converted School Bus: Working Full Time and Traveling With An Adventure Dog

Episode 131: A Horseback Ride Across the USA

Episode 130: How To Bike Around The World With Your Pet

Episode 129: Riding Across Mongolia On Horseback

Episode 128: An Organic Long Term Travel Life

Episode 127: Nomad On A Wire: The Delicate Balance of Travel and Work

Episode 126: Top 13 Traveling Adventure Sports

Episode 125: Hitchhiking Across The USA

Episode 124: Travel Mix: The M Edition with Adventurous Kate McCulley

Episode 123: Travelosophy: What If Travel Is Your Calling?

Episode 122: Hiking Spain, Pack Hacks and How To Meet Other Travelers

Episode 121: Long Term Travel Talk: Listener Questions Part Two

Episode 120: Overcoming an Existential Crisis while Traveling – with Jade Heilmann

Episode 119: Top 5 World’s Cheapest Destinations : Part 2 with Tim Leffel

Episode 118: Everything You Need To Know About Living Abroad with Tim Leffel

Episode 117: 15 Reasons Why Travel Companions are Awesome

Episode 116: Travel Tactics Part 4: How to Travel Indefinitely

Episode 115: How To Find Professional Work Overseas

Episode 114: How To Eat Like A Local: Italy, Miami and Chicago Edition

Episode 113: How To Work And Travel Through South America As a Digital Nomad With Fabian From StartUpDiaries.org

Episode 112: Learning Through Travel: Gap Year, Career Breaks, and Beyond with Jennifer Miller from bootsnall.com

Episode 111: International House Sitting: Myths & Truths

Episode 110: How To Book Ultra Cheap Cruises – Repositioning Cruises with Bobby Weaver

Episode 109: Zero To Travel Podcast Listener Questions – Part 1

Episode 108: What it Takes to Build a School – with Adam Braun

Episode 107: How To Take Great Selfies While You’re Traveling – with Shannon Locker

Episode 106: Spreading Goodness While You Travel – with Leon Logothetis

Episode 105: The Paradise Pack Sessions: Jasper Ribbers from The Traveling Dutchman on Renting Your Home Out on Airbnb

Episode 104: The Paradise Pack Sessions: Caz & Craig from y Travel Blog on Traveling with a Family & Starting a Big Blog

Episode 103: The Paradise Pack Sessions: Sean Keener of BootsnAll on Traveling with a Family

Episode 102: The Paradise Pack Sessions: Sherry Ott from Meet, Plan, Go! on Taking a Career Braek to Travel

Episode 101: The Paradise Pack Sessions: Tim Leffel from Cheapest Destinations on Creating a Better Life for Half the Price

Episode 100: The Paradise Pack Sessions: Jesse Krieger from The Lifestyle Entrepreneur on Lifestyle Design, Book Publishing & Making Money

Episode 99: The Paradise Pack Sessions: Nat and Jodie from House Sitting World on House Sitting Your Way around the World

Episode 98: The Paradise Pack Sessions: Benny Lewis from Fluent in 3 Months on Language Learning Hacks

Episode 97: The Paradise Pack Sessions: Dave Lee from Travel Blog Success on Creating an Income from Travel Blogging

Episode 96: The Paradise Pack Sessions: Adam Seper from Round the World Ticket on Traveling Cheaply with RTW Tickets

Episode 95: The Paradise Pack Sessions: Sean Ogle from Location 180 on Building a Business from Anywhere

Episode 94: Finding Personal Freedom Through Travel with Natalie Sisson

Episode 93: How to Afford Your Travel Dreams – with Paula Pant

Episode 92: 14 Practical Hacks To Help You Travel Long Term

Episode 91: 16 Mindset Hacks To Help You Travel Long Term

Episode 90: How To Become A Car Camping Superstar

Episode 89: Coffee Talk: The 16 Best Coffee Experiences Around The World

Episode 88: How To Start A Drop Shipping Business & Live Anywhere – with Anton Kraly

Episode 87: For Nepal

Episode 86: How To Travel Europe on a Budget

Episode 85: How To Fly For Free Anywhere: Travel Hacking Credit Cards Using The App-O-Rama

Episode 84: Travel Legends Series: The Story of WWOOF – An Interview With Founder Sue Coppard

Episode 83: How to Design Your Bike Trip & The Future of Adventure Cycle Touring : Epic Bike Rides With Casey Greene

Episode 82: How To Live Your Nomad Dream : One Family’s Epic Bike Ride

Episode 81: How To Have An Adventure On Any Budget: Epic Bike Rides With Alastair Humphreys

Episode 80: How To Become a Professional Adventurer & Inspirational Tales From Two Wheels: Epic Bike Rides With Leon McCarron

Episode 79: Personal & Meaningful Journeys By Bicycle: Epic Bike Rides With Tom Allen

Episode 78: Solo Adventure Cycling Around The World: Epic Bike Rides With Shirine Taylor

Episode 77: No Pants. No Money. No Bike. No Problem! Epic Bike Rides With George Mahood

Episode 76: How To Take A Leap of Faith and Change Your Life with Jana Schuberth

Episode 75: How to Travel with Less Money, Start Working on the Road, and Never Settle Down, with Nora Dunn

Episode 74: How To Pack Light Plus The Secret To Creating A Physical Travel Product With Fred from Tortuga Backpacks

Episode 73: How To Get Paid To Travel As A Freelance Travel Writer

Episode 72: How To Buy Real Estate Internationally and Find Your Own Slice Of Paradise with Taylor White

Episode 71: How To Cut Down Your Travel Expenses & Make a Difference Along The Way

Episode 67: Travel Tactics 3 : How to Extend Any Trip, Learn Languages & Use Tech to Get Cheap Flights

Episode 70: Romance on The Road

Episode 69: The Digital Nomad Revolution – Should I Join?

Episode 68: How To Quit Your Job and Travel The World

Episode 67: 16 Ways To Meet Locals – Part 2

Episode 66: 16 Ways To Meet Locals – Part 1

Episode 65: How To Use Travel As A Tool For Personal Development

Episode 64: How To Travel In Luxury For Free

Episode 63: Your Ultimate Guide To Travel In Southeast Asia

Episode 62: How To Plan Ahead For Travel + Why Budget Airlines Rock

Episode 61: Travel Tactics Part 2

Episode 60: Experimental Travel and A New Country Every 4 months

Episode 59: How One Traveler Can Make A Difference

Episode 58: How To Find Life Changing Seasonal Jobs

Episode 57: A Norwegian Christmas Spectacular

Episode 56: How To Achieve Your Travel Dreams In 2015

Episode 55: How To Become a Professional Travel Writer

Episode 54: Road Tripping Europe To India : Daily Life On A Land Rover Overland Adventure

Episode 53: Rob Greenfield On How To Travel Moneyless, Wandering With Purpose and Simple Living

Episode 52: Zero To Travel Podcast: How To Get Things Done On The Road

Episode 51: Legendary Blind Adventurer Erik Weihenmayer : Kayaking 277 Miles Down The Grand Canyon

Episode 50: Location Independent : The Unsexy Truth Revealed

Episode 49: Zero To Travel Podcast : Travel Tactics Part 1

Episode 48: Epic Trekking : Best Treks In The World

Episode 47: Epic Treks: Tramping New Zealand’s Te Araroa Trail

Episode 46: Travel Podcast: Trekking Logistics 101, The 10 Essentials, What To Bring and More

Episode 45: Trekking in Patagonia

Episode 44: How To Design Your Life And Create A Location Independent Business

Episode 43: The Ultimate Guide To Budget Travel In Japan : Destination Discovery Series

Episode 42: Super Smartphone Travel Photography Tips With Shannon Locker

Episode 41: The Other Side Of Budget Travel : Train Hopping, Gatherings, And More With Wanderpunk Matt Derrick

Episode 40: How To Use Airbnb To Make Money and See The World with “The Traveling Dutchman” Jasper Ribbers

Episode 39: Finding A Quest That Can Change Your Life : An Interview With Chris Guillebeau

Episode 38: You’re Coming Hitchhiking Around Scotland With Me

Episode 37: Travelosophy and Adventures In New Zealand

Episode 36 : Discovering Meaningful Work Through Travel

Episode 35 : Stories From The Caravan Part I: Crazy Travel Tales

Episode 34 : Instigating Waves of Change: An Interview With Srini Rao

Episode 33 : Traveling The World In A Wheelchair: An Interview With Justin Skeesuck

Episode 32 : How to Combine Your Passions Into A Business When You’re A Multipotentialate

Episode 31 : How to Build A Tiny House

Episode 30 : Where Should I Travel?

Episode 29 : The Art of Charm for Travelers, Exploring North Korea and More

Episode 28 : Hitchhiking: Myths, Facts and Beyond

Episode 27 : How To Become a Roadie: Break Into Music Touring and See the World

Episode 26 : Dave Sperling Talks ESL Cafe, Travel and Teaching English Abroad

Episode 25: How To Crush Your Pre Trip Anxiety

Episode 24 : Jetlag and Juiceboxes World | Travel With A Kid In Tow

Episode 23 : Social Entrepreneurship and Life Out of the Box

Episode 22 : How To Stay Fit While Traveling

Episode 21 : A Beginner’s Guide To Volunteering, A Free Global Volunteer Network And More

Episode 20 : Location Independent Business : Work From Anywhere

Episode 19 : Riding 16,000 Miles Blind

Episode 18 : Adventure Cycle Touring Guide

Episode 17 : Independent Travel Gold With Graham Hughes

Episode 16 : Travel the World and Live for Free With International House Sitting

Episode 15 : Shamans, Solo Travel and a Healing Path

Episode 14 : An Interview With Wandering Earl

Episode 13 : Hike the Appalachian Trail With Zero Experience

Episode 12 : How To Trade For A Free House In Hawaii

Episode 11 : Travel With Intention And Be A Local Everywhere

Episode 10 : Getting Farm Work in Australia and New Zealand

Episode 09 : Walking Across America

Episode 08 : Creating Adventures and Pushing Limits

Episode 07 : The Skinny On Travel Tech

Episode 06 : How to Become a Digital Nomad

Episode 05 : Your Travel Hacking Guide : An Interview With Trav From EPOP

Episode 04 : The Real WWOOF Experience : An Interview With Raphi

Episode 03 : “I Want To Teach English Abroad!” How To Get Started With Zero Experience

Episode 02 : Long Distance Hiking Masters

Episode 01 : Start a Travel Event Photography Business

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