Visiting Every National Park In One Year w/ Conor Knighton

Do you have a passion for the National Parks in America?

Are you craving the chance to visit as many as you possibly can?

Have the crowds, deciding which to visit, and cost been deterrents in hitting the road to visit them?

Conor Knighton is an award-winning correspondent for CBS Sunday Morning and author of Leave Only Footprints which chronicles his year spent visiting every National Park in America. He even shares how he got into his correspondent role which allows him to get paid while traveling and talk with people who have amazing stories.

If singular mission travel is something that excites you and National Parks are on your bucket list then this episode will give you everything you need to hit the road and start making those dreams a reality.

Which National Parks are on your bucket list? If you have already visited some, which are your favorite and why? Share your thoughts by sending me an audio message.

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Today’s episode is being sponsored by the amazing folks over at Athletic Greens which have helped me immensely in feeling better and getting healthier.

Tune In To Learn:

  • 11:30 Why Exposure To Nature At a Young Age Will Create The Travel Bug
  • 14:55 How He Got Into Television & Combining It With Travel
  • 23:40 How Did The Idea For This Trip Come About
  • 30:10 What Were The Doubts & Fears For This Journey
  • 34:00 Settling Into A New Way Of Life
  • 36:40 Learning How To Deal With Uncertainty In Life & Travel
  • 40:40 A Singular Mission Journey: Pros & Cons
  • 47:10 Keeping In The Moment Of The Experience While Also Documenting It For Others
  • 52:50 The Stories Behind The People & Places
  • 59:30 Dating On The Road As A Solo Traveler
  • 01:05:10 Overall National Park Tips & Avoiding Crowds
  • 01:10:10 Getting Into The Differences Between National Parks, Monuments Etc…
  • 01:13:30 Why You Should Visit National Parks
  • 01:20:00 The Hidden Gems Of The National Parks
  • 01:25:15 Favorite Towns That Are Adjacent To The Parks
  • 01:32:25 Is Travel Healing & Why
  • 01:36:55 What Is Next For Conor
  • And so much more


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