From $70K In Debt To World Travel w/ Annette and Daniel Fortner

Is your debt holding you back from the life you want to live? Is it better to save or just “wing-it” when embarking on a trip?

Today I am chatting with Annette and Daniel Fortner who sold everything, paid off $70k in debt, and are now traveling the world (yes even in COVID times). We hit on how to make travel work financially, what it is really like traveling and working together as a couple full time, and what rules you can set up to make managing travel with a partner much easier on both of you. All of this plus you will get insight into their advice on whether you should embark on full-time travel during COVID so get comfy and enjoy this episode.

What would be the first thing you would do after paying off all your debt? Let me know by sending me an audio message (please) or shoot me an email over at [email protected].

Today’s episode is being sponsored by the amazing folks over at Tortuga Backpacks which, you know, are my favorite backpacks in the world.

Tune In To Learn:

  • 09:20 Saving Dogs In Thailand
  • 13:40 Depression & Soulless Jobs
  • 19:25 The Expectations of Society & Family
  • 22:00 Helping Your Partner & Figuring Out The Next Steps
  • 26:20 The Mental Side Of Traveling & The Power Of Choices
  • 35:45 Settling Into The Pace Of Long Term Travel
  • 38:15 Working & Traveling: Difficulties & Wins
  • 40:20 Working & Traveling With Your Partner
  • 45:35 How To Make Thing Work Financially While Traveling
  • 53:20 Favorite Surprise & Delight Locations
  • 58:45 Planning Future Travels With The Pandemic Restrictions
  • 01:04:20 Preparing For Digital Nomad Travel During & Post COVID
  • And so much more


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