Smart move!  

Why rot in a cubicle when you can find fun work around the world AND get paid to travel?

Travel based jobs provide an amazing way to see the world. I know from personal experience.  

For nearly 15 years I worked on the road as a freelance touring professional. My jobs included gigs as an event manager, band tour manager and guide for an adventure travel company.  

And those are just a few examples of the types of unique travel jobs available to you. 

When you choose to take on seasonal work or jobs that require travel you get to build a lifestyle around what you! 

And that's just the beginning.

You'll make lifelong friends and memories, save money, master new skills and live a life that makes others say "I want to do that too!"

The best part? 

These type of jobs aren't as hard to get as you might think. As long as you have the right approach and mindset.

I look forward to helping you discover the exciting possiblities available on this new path.

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Yours in adventure - Jason